Addiction can be one of life’s most challenging experiences.
Families need help in their own right.

If you want support we’re here for you.

Why we’re here

We know that dealing with a loved one’s behaviour whilst they are stuck in addiction is tough. Watching a friend or family member deteriorate over time has a big emotional impact.

Often there is deceit, the lies, blackmail, violence, stealing or lack of money to deal with.

What we do

Every family is unique so once we’ve met you we will decide together what service would be most helpful – maybe seeing you individually or as a couple or a family or maybe joining a group.

All our work is confidential and we never pass judgement or criticism about what has happened. Our experience tells us that the best solutions come from you and our role is to encourage this to happen through talking and trying different ways of doing things. With two qualified and specialist family therapists, we have several approaches that have proved successful already. Trauma work with EMDR is available if needed.

We offer a friendly, safe and neutral environment to facilitate discussions to explore the best way forward.

The Team

Dr Charlie Lowe
Family Therapist UKCP registered
Project Lead

Fiona Miller
Family Therapist UKCP registered

Allen Gale
Project Co-ordinator & Counsellor


Services for families dealing with substance misuse issues are rare in the UK and indeed worldwide. T4C is committed to try and collect research evidence that will help persuade commissioners of the benefits of this work not only in terms of the families themselves but also often in assisting the recovery journey of their loved one.

We are looking to raise money to fund a 3 year PhD student who can undertake anonymous research into the work that we do and later we may ask for your help in completing questionnaires so that the evidence can be collected.

Putting the pieces together

Family and couple therapy

Appointments normally last for one hour every 2-3 weeks with regular evaluation of progress.
Unlike in individual therapy, family therapy focuses on relationships and how we get along together. Therapy allows difficult thoughts and feelings to be explored safely so we can better understand each other. We build on family strengths towards useful changes in your lives and relationships. See the Association for Family Therapy website for more detail:


In 8 years of working with drug and alcohol problems we have found that particular areas for families to explore are setting boundaries, paying attention to any activity that might enable substance misuse and rebuilding a balanced lifestyle.

Individual counselling

Appointments normally last for one hour every 2-3 weeks with regular evaluation of progress.

In contrast to family therapy, counselling provides an opportunity to explore difficulties in a private setting aimed at supporting the specific needs of an individual and developing better coping strategies.

Trauma treatment – EMDR

Post-traumatic stress disorder or reactions to stressful life events can have longstanding and restrictive effects on how we view the world. EMDR has proved a successful treatment for unresolved trauma memories. For more detail:


T4C is a specialist family service that opened in 2006.

Support groups

No need to book. Just come along.

Groups offer another approach. It can be empowering to share with others who have had similar experiences. It helps us realise that we’re not suffering on our own. We know that families often struggle with feelings of guilt and shame however in the group everybody is in the same boat. Whilst really serious discussions take place we also have a laugh along the way.

We use the SMART Recovery format developed in 2004 using science based approaches.

Self Management And Recovery Training

All groups are facilitated by a group leader who will make sure that everyone is looked after. If you are nervous about attending then please talk to Allen who will help you.

SMART Recovery Family & Friends

Every Thursday evening

SMART Recovery Exchange

Monthly on a Thursday evening

An opportunity for families and those in recovery to meet and share experiences to enhance mutual understanding.

SMART Recovery

Every Wednesday evening

Supporting those with any addictive behaviour.

Services available

  • Advice and information
  • Family and couple therapy
  • Individual counselling
  • Support groups:

SMART Recovery Family & Friends
Every Thursday evening

SMART Recovery Exchange
Monthly on a Thursday evening

SMART Recovery
Every Wednesday evening

  • Trauma treatment – EMDR
  • Volunteering
  • Training

Contact Us

Speak to Allen Gale on 07512 210 141 or email us t4c@nhs.net

Professionals can download a referral form here:

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